Based out of Washington Mills, NY, but working with boys from New Hartford and Utica. Lots of information about our various adventures.
The Emeral Society of CNY is hosting a charity fund raiser to help the boys of Troop 14 go to Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons in the summer of 2010.
Sadly, the local scout council decided that they'd "harvest" the trees in and around the camp to help address a budget shortfall. I guess they felt it worth the $80k they got for this, but I disagree.
30+ years and counting.
The premier aviation school in the Upstate area, operating out of the Griffiss Airfield in Rome, NY
Excellent instruction in all aspects of martial arts, from self defense to fitness to traditional forms and values. Quality training for people of all ages and abilities.
An annual event for over 25 years, this summer program brings together martial arts luminaries from all across the country. All styles welcome.
Broad spectrum graphics consulting and contract services. Web page design, graphic design, and 3D modeling.
Oh, what the heck. I loan out space to this young man so he can practice making web pages. Viewer beware.
We took a lot of pictures on this trip, and did a fair job of detailing our adventures. Enjoy.
These pages are several years old, and are in a state of dis-repair, but they're still funny. They relate to the fact that I own Ray Halbritter! Or at least I own his domain name. If anybody wants to buy this from me, let me know.

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